Reimagining the Seating Chart

You’ve probably had this experience: You’re about to buy tickets to a show, and you’re debating between, say, front balcony and rear orchestra. The rear orchestra costs more, but it’s worth it if the view is better. Only … will the view be better? How well can you see the stage from the rear orchestra at this particular venue? Would you have a better view from the front balcony, since you’d be raised above the crowd?

If you haven’t had this quandary, it’s a sure bet your audiences have, in one form or another. Our members certainly have. As Jim said in this post last month, our members tell us that seat locations and the layout of the theater itself are major concerns. They want to know what their experience will be like in the physical space. Having a feel for that in advance gives them great comfort, and helps them get even more excited about the show they’re going to see.

That’s why we launched our FlyBy Seating Chart initiative. With the help of a camera-equipped drone (and its skillful pilot), we’ve been filming FlyBy videos inside and outside some of our partner venues. The videos capture the real-life experience of being at the venue, from entering the lobby to sitting in different sections and more. We hope our members love them — and you, too!

We’re excited to announce the release of our second FlyBy in the series: La Mirada Theatre.

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