Reaching Audiences Beyond the Concert Hall

It’s a given: Most of us are “searching for new ways to reach audiences beyond the concert hall” — Those are the words of Madeleine Careau, CEO of the OSM (Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal), as quoted in the Montreal Gazette.

“For the next three years, the team from SAT [Société des arts technologiques] will spend a week each year recording OSM rehearsals and concerts to create immersive acoustic projects,” reports Brendan Kelly.

“The OSM already has opened a space just beside its concert hall at the Maison symphonique to help people discover the history of the orchestra via, in part, virtual reality. ‘And we’re going to bring projects developed by the SAT to this space,’ said Careau. ‘People will be able to listen to and experience what the SAT team is going to record at our concert hall.'”

Monique Savoie, president and founder of SAT, adds: “Think about it. An orchestra is 100 musicians who all have to travel somewhere every time there’s a concert. Now we’re democratizing the experience of listening to an orchestra.”

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