Reach More Millennials This Holiday Season

Want to grab the attention of millennials for your holiday shows? The experts over at HubSpot have a few pieces of advice. Check out some tips below, and you can read the full story here:

“Hark! The Twitter Hashtags Sing!

Eighty-nine percent of consumers say interaction with a brand on social media has an impact on their purchase.

Show anyone browsing your company on social media proof of your trust through pictures and reviews from past customers. It’s one thing to say you’re the best at X, it’s another to show firsthand accounts as proof that #yourbrandrocks.

A Support and Information Carol

Building credibility by including authentic user-generated content is a proven approach to giving those interested in doing business with your company the validation they may need to go from browsing to purchasing. Having authentic customer quotes peppered throughout your site at key points, such as landing pages, home pages and purchase pages, helps your potential buyer to believe in you.

Try a personal post-purchase touch of sending a “Thank you” note, or asking for feedback. A smile goes a long way.”

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