Rag & Bone Clothing Kicks Off Fall/Winter 2015 Season With Dance

“I believe very strongly in learning from people in other fields, even far off fields,” Jim wrote in his post, Want Some Breakthrough Ideas? Just Do What Other (But Different) People Have Already Done. He continued:

“People doing work that’s very different from yours may think in ways that are very different from you. Professions and industries develop patterns, and, being human, we get a little stuck sometimes. Things that are obvious and easy in one field may be very fresh concepts in another, and vice versa. …

That’s why I strongly advocate for crossing lines more frequently between genres of live entertainment marketing. If you’re in sports marketing or theater marketing or music marketing, you’re all in very similar roles with a ton to learn from each other.”

The clothing company rag & bone are turning heads with a short film it created for its Fall/Winter 2015 line, starring Memphis jooker Lil Buck and ballet superstar Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Take a look:

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