Q&A With Irene, Goldstar Product Sales Manager

We’re talking all things Eventbrite with Irene Li, Goldstar Product Sales Manager. Read on to see if Eventbrite makes sense for your events, and how easy it is to give it a try …

Q: What are the benefits of using Eventbrite as my primary ticketing platform?
 Using Eventbrite increases your marketing reach to help you sell more full price tickets for your shows.

There are lots of other benefits too, including:

  • Distribution for your event through Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and more
  • Analytics and reporting to help you make better business decisions
  • A user-friendly Organizer app to track sales and manage check-in
  • Two step check-out process (no captchas, no forced logins)
  • Embedded checkout on social media platforms for easy purchase
  • Speedy entry with electronic fulfillment (no more will-call!)
  • Plus, it’s just one simple step to sell on both Eventbrite and Goldstar

Q: Am I a good fit for Eventbrite?
 Your organization could be a great fit for Eventbrite if you match any of these criteria:

  • You want to reach more people for your event or attraction
  • Your ticket buyers need an easier way to purchase tickets on your website
  • You could benefit from a mobile-friendly platform
  • You want to eliminate will-call
  • You want to simplify ticketing for your box office

Q: How do I connect my Goldstar account with Eventbrite?
 It’s really easy! Log into Goldstar. Go to our Eventbrite page and click on “Get Started.” This will prompt you to log into your Eventbrite account or create an Eventbrite account if you do not have one. After login is complete, your accounts are connected.

Q: Will my full price and discounted offers for the same event show up on Eventbrite?
 Nope. Eventbrite filters these out, so audiences will only see your full priced inventory on Eventbrite.

Q: Will I be double-charged fees for using both Eventbrite and Goldstar?
 Nope again. The full price ticket inventory that you sell on Eventbrite will only be subject to Eventbrite’s fees. The discounted ticket inventory that you sell on Goldstar will only be subject to Goldstar’s fees.

Q: If I already use Eventbrite, do I need to do anything extra?
Just make sure you’ve added the Goldstar extension within Eventbrite, and you’re all set! You can find the Goldstar extension in Eventbrite’s app marketplace. Once this step is complete, any events you create on Eventbrite can be sold on Goldstar in one easy step.

If you have questions about using Eventbrite or connecting your Eventbrite and Goldstar accounts, Irene can help! You can email her at ili@goldstar.com.

Try Eventbrite.

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