Putting on My Producer’s Hat

It’s that time again when I get to wear my producer’s hat. Once a year, I gather an extraordinary group of talent to put on an event at New World Stages in New York City. And, like every producer out there, I stress about the quality of the event, the effectiveness of the marketing, reaching an audience and, yes, reading the reviews.

TEDxBroadway 2015

For me, producing TEDxBroadway is a vital part of my job as CEO of Goldstar because our goal has always been to help make our industry the BEST it can be. And, because this event sells out year after year, I know there are a lot of people dedicated to that as well.

I believe it’s essential to invest in the things that move us forward. Just as Goldstar has invested in things like mobile, ticketing integrations and channel partners, I’ve doubled down on putting together an event that showcases ‘Ideas Worth Spreading,’ (as TED would say) with a keen eye on our future.

When we meet up on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, for the 6th Annual TEDxBroadway, we’ll be hearing a lot of these new ideas as we debut our new approach — “Let’s Talk.” We’ve got a lineup of great speakers with so much to say, and now we have a format that will really open up the dialogue that moves us forward.

This year’s speakers include: Gus Rogerson, Kanya Balakrishna, Lance Weiler, Gardiner Comfort, Caroline Bragdon, Tina Landau, Alton Fitzgerald White, Dr. Desmond Upton Patton, Rachelle Pereira, Lester Vrtiak and Jon Albert.

And please, don’t let the “Broadway” in TEDxBroadway distract you — I think this event is for everyone who has a stake in the live entertainment industry. So, I hope you’ll join us and make your voice heard, too.

Get your ticket today at TEDxBroadway.com! Tickets are $100 now, and the event kicks off at 1:00pm. I’m sure you’ll find it a good investment for both your time and money.

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