Get online or fall behind — the experts on producing & marketing livestreamed shows

Stellar Expert Chat Everyone in the live entertainment industry has a choice: get into online events now and be ahead of the game, or wait and fall really behind the curve. This week, Jim sat down with Broadway producer Ken Davenport and Geffen Playhouse‘s Director of Marketing, Patrick Brown, to talk about how they got started producing and marketing online events and what they’ve learned along the way.

This weekend on Stellar, the Geffen is streaming the grand finale of their massively popular show, The Present, and Davenport is producing a virtual wine tasting event with Mean Girls‘ Kate Rockwell. He’s also got The Doo Wop Project coming up. They talked about how these shows came to be, and how they made these online events a must-watch experience by bringing their favorite aspects of live theater to their streaming shows.

Jim also shared the latest Return Readiness Score and insights from our ongoing consumer survey.

Watch the chat.

Want to hear more from Ken Davenport? Come to his virtual event, The Theatermakers Summit in November! There’s a whole section on streaming events and a slate of amazing speakers.

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