Pro Tip: SEO With Anthony Ferrara

Meet Anthony Ferrara

Title: SEO Director
Hometown: Stamford, Conn.

Best Live Show He’s Ever Seen: “I’ve seen a lot of great sports, concert and theater events, but my favorite was Adele at STAPLES Center, because I was fortunate enough to get front row seats through a lottery on her website. I had never seen a concert from such a good vantage point, so it was a very unique experience.”

SO: What is one small SEO tweak that can help increase traffic and spread the word on events?

AF: Identify and fix technical SEO problems that may be hurting your search rankings. This can be done with free tools such as Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console, or ScreamingFrog, a site crawler that will analyze a limited number of pages at no cost. Finding and fixing technical issues can have an immediate impact. Look for issues such as:

  • Broken internal and external links (fix these to improve overall site quality and regain benefits from backlinks)
  • Duplicate title and description tags
  • Broken (404) pages and pages with server errors
  • Slow-loading web pages (page speed is a ranking factor and is particularly important for mobile rankings)
  • Manual action warnings (to see if Google has manually penalized your site for a particular reason)
  • Mobile usability warnings (sites with mobile issues may be downgraded in search results)

For something a little more advanced, consider a subscription-based tool such as Deepcrawl, which provides in-depth analysis and can help you monitor progress as you fix issues.

Exploring technical SEO may reveal some interesting insights and opportunities. Some issues can be easily fixed and have a big impact on your search traffic.

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