Pro Tip No. 2: SEO With Anthony Ferrara

Meet Anthony Ferrara

Title: SEO Director
Hometown: Stamford, Conn.

Best Live Show He’s Ever Seen: “I’ve seen a lot of great sports, concert and theater events, but my favorite was Adele at STAPLES Center, because I was fortunate enough to get front row seats through a lottery on her website. I had never seen a concert from such a good vantage point, so it was a very unique experience.”

SO: What is another small SEO tweak that can help increase traffic and spread the word on events? (Read Pro Tip No. 1.)

AF: See which pages are bringing you traffic and optimize them for better rankings.

Use Google Search Console’s Search Analytics report to see which landing pages are generating search traffic, which keywords are driving traffic to them and the page rankings.

If you see that certain pages aren’t getting traffic or ranking well, try including more of your relevant keywords in the page text, in the meta and heading tags, and make sure those pages are linked to from other pages on the site to ensure that search engines can find them.

For competitive analysis, consider a subscription-based tool such as SEM Rush, which will show you the keywords that are driving traffic to competitor pages and how they rank for each keyword. Analyze their pages for keyword usage, meta tag content, images and other elements that might be contributing to their rankings, and determine if it would make sense to incorporate some of your findings into your own content. In some cases, minor optimizations can have a significant impact on your rankings, particularly if you’re adding content and keywords that didn’t previously exist.

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