Pro Tip No. 3: SEO With Anthony Ferrara

Meet Anthony Ferrara

Title: SEO Director
Hometown: Stamford, Conn.

Best Live Show He’s Ever Seen: “I’ve seen a lot of great sports, concert and theater events, but my favorite was Adele at STAPLES Center, because I was fortunate enough to get front row seats through a lottery on her website. I had never seen a concert from such a good vantage point, so it was a very unique experience.”

SO: What is a third small SEO tweak that can help increase traffic and spread the word on events? (Read Pro Tip No. 1 and Pro Tip No. 2.)

AF: Look at your mobile traffic.

Mobile traffic performance can have a significant SEO impact. Analyze your mobile and desktop traffic using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If you’re getting a high percentage of mobile traffic, and that traffic has high bounce rates or the landing pages are not mobile-friendly, it can hurt your search rankings.

Google Search Console has a Mobile Usability report that can help you identify potential problems. If you discover issues, your web developers can help determine the causes and appropriate solutions. As more traffic shifts from desktop to mobile, it’s important to provide a good user experience to your mobile visitors, because a bad experience can affect website conversions and search rankings.

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