Pro Tip: Customer Service With Shaunelle Curry

Meet Shaunelle Curry

Title: Customer Service Specialist
Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

Best Live Show She’s Ever Seen: “Hands down, The Lion King. It is absolutely magical! I was swept into the wonder of childhood the first time I saw it. I’ve seen it three times now thanks to Goldstar!”

SO: What is your philosophy about customer service?

SC: What am I going to do to make our customer’s life better as far as their interaction with us, especially when people come in thinking it’s going to be a typical customer service experience.

I think a lot of times people are surprised that they talk to real people, or they email with real people. In some ways, we’re the pulse of Goldstar. We’re the heart of it to let people know — this is real human interaction. We’re kind of like the first and last line of defense.

In terms of members trusting us, I feel like customer service helps our members to have that trust, or we’re restoring that trust. They’re making a personal connection. They’re building a relationship with us. That trust then extends to our organizers. We become a liaison — that bridge — between the needs of our members and organizers, helping to make each of their experience a win-win. And I think that’s something that is really huge.

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