Playing Santa

Jim and Goldstar team delivering toys to a local fire station.

Jim and members of the Goldstar team delivering toys to a local fire station.

Last week, I went to the Aspen Live conference in Aspen Colorado, which caused me to miss the Goldstar holiday party. I know, I know, you’re crying your eyes out for me.

Still, I hated missing chance to socialize with the Goldstar gang, so we decided to do something extra. With the help of a few wonderful members of the Goldstar team, we created what we called the Sugarplum Soirée. This was an event held in my office here in Pasadena, and the concept was simple: Bring a toy for our toy drive, and get access to the chocolate fountain and many other treats, including a raffle, which we had set up in my office.

Working with the Pasadena Fire Department, we wanted to see if we could put together a nice little collection of toys to go to the Spark of Love campaign, which brings donated toys to underprivileged boys and girls every year at this time of year.

Of course, I expected people to participate. But what I didn’t expect was that rather than simply bringing a present to add to the toy drive, people would buy handfuls of presents. I think the manager of the local Target store was looking at yesterday’s receipts and wondering why they had such a great day, but it’s because so many Goldstar employees went a little nuts going through the aisles and buying presents.

After the party, we loaded all the toys into our sleighs and delivered them to one of the fire stations nearby. I’m very proud of the Goldstar team here in Pasadena, in our other locations and remote who really took it upon themselves to do something nice.

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