Photo Snapping Fans Are Happy Fans

Most of the time, those aren’t lighters you’re seeing at concerts these days. They’re phones flashing as fans snap pics of the stars on stage, of themselves, of the venue.

Whatever your opinion of picture taking during shows, according to a new study by a team of researchers from the University of Southern California, Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania, “taking time to snap photos of experiences like concerts and vacations helps us enjoy those experiences more,” reports CBC News Canada.

Apparently, there’s a strong connection between photography and engagement. The article turns to Patricia Rockman, director of education and clinical services at Toronto’s Centre for Mindfulness Studies, for some insight:

“Intention is the key, according to Rockman, and enjoyment will hinge on how you’re engaging with whatever you’re looking at. That’s a notion backed up by the new research.

For instance, if you are carefully framing a picture of someone like Adele while she’s singing, or a beautiful moment in nature on a vacation, you’re intending to engage with what you’re looking at.”

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