A Cultural Force That’s Bigger Than You Think

Perry Farrell. Photo Credit: Ben Ritter

Perry Farrell. Photo Credit: Ben Ritter

Perry Farrell (of Jane’s Addiction fame) is developing an immersive, EDM-based musical in Vegas. In addition to being a magnet for more hashtags than a NASCAR has ads (I count Vegas, musical, EDM and immersive), it’s also pretty intriguing. I’d go.

Keep an eye on this! The evolution and maturity of EDM (electronic dance music) as a cultural force is going to have a big impact on the world of the near future. Just as rock ‘n’ roll and later hip-hop/rap changed not just music, but values and perceptions, EDM could do the same. Seeing it woven into shows like this is just a reminder. If you’re over about 35, you’re probably going to tend to downplay or at least not “get” EDM, so make a point of paying attention.

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