Concert Window Founder Dan Gurney at TedxBroadway 2014

If you haven’t yet heard of Concert Window, here’s the scoop: You can webcast your performance from a venue or your living room all around the world. Musicians can make extra money and gain fans worldwide, and viewers can chat with others while enjoying the best seat in the house. And you can stream or watch on your smartphone, tablet or Apple TV.

There are over 100 exclusive concerts a month — 210 shows in the next 30 days, to be exact. And it’s not just newbies who take advantage of this audience-expanding, revenue-generating service. You can catch a performance by Joan Baez, Ray Manzarek (of The Doors), Bela Fleck or John Oates (of Hall & Oates).

Why do I bring this up? Because the CEO and founder of Concert Window, Dan Gurney, is speaking at TedxBroadway 2014. The Harvard grad also happens to be a six-time U.S. champion on the button accordion, and in March, his band, The Yanks, released their debut album, which rose to the No. 1 Top Seller on Bandcamp. The group is currently recording their second album this month.

Gurney is accomplished in connecting art with an audience. Before launching Concert Window in 2010, he wrote about his adventures in Greece and Thailand for Let’s Go travel guides, filmed and edited a series of travel videos, and built websites for clients in advertising, art and music.

Gurney has a few things to share about getting heard and building an audience. Buy your tickets to TEDxBroadway 2014 today!

And take a look at The Yanks’ performing “The Girl From the Big House” at their CD release concert at Theatre 80 in NYC:

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