“The Hobbit” Offers Fans a Way to Love Them Even More

One of the most powerful things you can do in many cases is to charge more. If you’ve got any kind of audience at all, part of that audience likes you and is willing to pay you more if you have something more that you can offer them.

This ticket package to the movie The Hobbit may or may not be a huge success, but given the size and passion of its worldwide audience, there’s almost certainly a market that wants to pay a little more to get a better seat and a few commemorative trinkets.

The lesson for live entertainment venues is always the same, and I’ve been saying it for years: If you can find a way to serve your most passionate fans, you can charge them more and they will be delighted with you. This isn’t just limited to jacking up the price of your best tickets, in fact, what we know about that, in many instances, is that your best fans don’t go there. It’s your least-informed or least-price-sensitive fans who go there. What I’m talking about is creating the kinds of experiences that shows and particular bands are doing now that flatter those who really love you. Every live entertainment and arts organization should be doing this, and they should be thinking about how to do more of it all of the time. It’s the other side of the coin of what is often called “accessibility.” Some people need an easy way to get involved with you, and some people, who are already in love with you, need a way to get even more involved with you.

Give it to them! For goodness sake, give it to them!

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