“Park-in-a-Cart” Proves You Can Entertain Anywhere

Think you need a beautiful theater or perfect outdoor setting to put on an entertaining event? Not necessarily.

Citylab.com recently reported on a theater group in El Alto, Bolivia that’s created a “park-in-a-cart.” In essence, it’s a mobile playground that can quickly be set up just about anywhere, giving children access to play equipment in a city without a lot of permanent parks. Scott Shall, an architecture professor and head of the group working together to create the parks, explained why they started the project to Citylab reporter Azzurra Cox:

“The park idea was attractive to us as a social condenser, as a way to bring kids together and get them to establish a deeper relationship with the arts and Teatro Trono.”

The mobile parks have been a hit with both children and parents in the city and may prove to inspire other groups to think about how they can make their entertainment ideas more mobile.

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