Paramount Films Now Showing … on YouTube

Jim has written about the importance of making your content (whether it’s a show, game, etc.) available in multiple forms. In this post, he presented a challenge to entrepreneurs in theater and the performing arts:

“Find ways to distribute the content to as many people as possible, as easily as possible. Build that fan base. Create those secondary revenue streams to create the profit that allows a cycle of building on success.”

Paramount Films recently created a YouTube channel, the Paramount Vault, where you can watch select films for free. Slash Film has some movie recommendations for you here, and Jacob Hall reports that it seems like bigger films are coming soon, like Airplane! and Forrest Gump.

At TEDxBroadway 2013, David Sabel, director of broadcast and digital for the National Theatre, spoke about this topic in his TEDx talk, “Infusing Theatre Into Digital Mediums.” Watch the video below, in which he shares the inspiration behind launching National Theatre Live (NT Live):

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