Designate a Day for Taking Pictures With Cast

The headline reads: Joe Manganiello calls out audience photographer during A Streetcar Named Desire. And remember, Joe can turn into a werewolf if he gets angry, so for all of our sakes, refrain from the urge to take pictures. The other side of this, of course, is that some people love your shows enough to want to take pictures of them. Here’s an idea to borrow from your brothers and sisters in baseball: Have a picture day! Major League...

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Who’s to Blame? AEG Wanted MJ Healthy, Happy

The basics of this are that MJ’s family sued AEG for hiring the doctor who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael’s death because the family considered AEG negligent for hiring a doctor they should have known was trouble. AEG had said that Jackson chose Murray, but the jury disagreed: They decided that AEG had in fact hired the doctor, but that AEG wasn’t negligent in doing so. If you recall, the tour that would have been sold faster than...

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Revenue Up, Attendance Down on Broadway

Broadway producer (and Selling Out friend) Ken Davenport analyzes the first 13 weeks of the Broadway 2013-14 season … and he’s not happy. Though revenue is up .3% (Don’t spend that all in one place!), attendance is down 8.7%, which is on a base of attendance, which dropped 6.2%. Ken says, “I’m not sounding the alarm bells just yet, but I definitely have my finger on my ‘I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up’ button.” OK, Ken’s alarm system sounds...

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Louis C.K. & Kid Rock: Are they “generous” to their fans?

Both Louis C.K. and Kid Rock have gotten attention in the last year for charging much less than market value for tickets to their shows. In Kid Rock’s case, tickets are just $20 for this summer’s tour, and in both cases, shows sold out extremely quickly as a result of the pricing, and, I would add, the massive publicity about the pricing. So, are they being “generous” to their fans with these low prices, as some feel, or do they,...

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NFL Has a Problem With In-Stadium Experience

I’ve said this before and time has only made it clearer that I was right: The NFL has a problem with the in-stadium experience. The ingenuity shown by the Seahawks in using undercover security who will be dressed as opposing team fans is great. But it shouldn’t be necessary. Clean up the in-stadium experience, or game attendance will slowly trend down, as it has in the three years since I first warned about this. Take a look at the Los...

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