The Importance of Reaping Revenue From the ‘Other’ Category

In contrast to the gloomier news in other spots in the symphonic world, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has reported increases in revenue from both tickets and donations and a much, much smaller operating deficit.In fact, this year's ticket sales record of just over $22 million surpassed last year's sales, which were also a record. Very interestingly, to me, about $10 mm in revenue came from what I'd call the "Other" category, which included "tour fees, merchandise sales, space rentals,...

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The Mega Rock Star Model Is Old, Let’s Find A New One

The Who 'Going Mobile' For the Last Time?Congratulations to The Who for 50 years, and even though their 1982 tour was known as their "Farewell Tour," they've continued since then for 10 years longer than they'd been together at that point.Hey, I'm a fan of the band, and all, but classic rock of this kind has hung on too long to be healthy for the business. I won't say this tour will be unsuccessful, because I don't know, but...

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Price Has Nothing to Do With Costs

When I talk about this, people look at me puzzled. A couple years ago, Michael Kaiser, smart guy and Big Chief of the Kennedy Center, wrote an article on Huffington Post that gives me a starting point for what I want you to understand about prices:“The central challenge facing arts managers is to fill the ever-widening gap between rapidly increasing expenses and earned income, primarily from ticket sales. This gap continues to grow each year since the number of seats...

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Bright Ideas

Create An Event, and You Might Change the Place Where It Happens

I talk a lot about the interplay between event and place, and this is a great example. No event lives in a vacuum, so if you're part of an organization (or group of organizations) large enough to change the dynamics of the place where your event is (or would be), you can create a synergistic effect.In this case, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and others are working hard to create an anchor event, the Life is Beautiful Festival, to bring...

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YouTube’s New Music Streaming Service Not Too Different

YouTube's going to be offering a service that replicates what's available from services like Spotify, Rhapsody and others that to me, with a few quirks of user interface preferences, really doesn't differ much for the consumer.But I have a hard time caring much about this. The established principle here is that there is a business model for the streaming of music online in which musicians and rights holders get paid, but what they'll get paid is pretty minimal.Why is...

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