Variable Pricing Is a No-Brainer

With the Super Bowl yesterday, we're reminded of how the NFL is a juggernaut, culturally and commercially. Half the country watched the game, including tens of millions of people who don't even like football!This kind of power has a few funny effects, of course, and I think one of them has been a certain amount of arrogance about ticket sales. The NFL has, for a number of years, been such a ticket sales sure thing that even slight weaknesses...

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High Overhead Can Warp any Organization

What nearly killed General Motors was not so much the core business of producing decent cars and selling them profitably. They did that OK. (Not great, but OK.)What nearly killed them was that in addition to all that, they had legacy and overhead that dwarfed the rest of the operation. At one point, nearly one million people were due a pension from General Motors at a time when they employed more like 100,000. I remember someone calling them "a...

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The Roth Doctrine

Some people I just know I’m going to like before I meet them. Jordan Roth was one of those people because before we ever spent any real time together, I read this article about Jordan and his then-recent takeover of Jujamcyn Theaters.I mention it because there's something in the article that I find myself repeating and emphasizing to venues, producers and marketers all of the time, and which I now call the Roth Doctrine.Leading into it, he describes what...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Dan Steinberg

When Lord Chesterfield said, "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today," Dan Steinberg took his advice to heart. The founder of Square Peg Concerts works around the clock, promoting live shows across the United States -- totaling about 400-plus events last year.By the time Steinberg was 16, he was producing club shows at the Mercury Café in Denver. Now, he’s moved up to putting big names on marquees, from comic Kathy Griffin and singer-songwriter Jason Mraz to...

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More Exposure Equals More Seats Filled

This is just basically me clicking "like" on Lyn Gardner's thoughts about broadcasts not threatening the value of live theater (and I would add, of other live performance). Read it.Exposure to something compelling leads to more interest, not less. Obscurity is the enemy, not availability. Learn it, live it.

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