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What Major League Baseball Can Teach Us

Lots of literally "inside baseball" information here, but I'd call your attention to the "Most Disappointing City" items about halfway down. Chicago Cubs sell-outs have been for a long time as reliable as McDonald's restrooms when traveling abroad. But they're down this year, to the point where you can just, gasp, BUY a ticket to a game from the box office, and a downright mortal 9th in terms of sell-through percentage. Is it team performance, which has been poor?...

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TV Actors See Stage as Great Next Step

A lot of people will want to see Bryan "Heisenberg" Cranston as LBJ on Broadway. Having said that, a lot of people would be interested in seeing Bryan Cranston as Barney the Purple Dinosaur on Broadway, if such a thing were in production. It's not much of a statement to say that star power makes a big difference to sales, but I do think it's correct and very interesting to say that Bryan Cranston clearly sees great stage work...

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Should You Buy Into Music Promoter SFX Going Public?

Should you buy into this:Let’s Dance! Electronic Music Operator SFX Goes Public?I express an opinion. 

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What Does a Ticket Really Get You?

Most of the people who are reading this post sell tickets, and we even talk about the Ticket Business. But I’ve always believed that the ticket is the last thing we should be talking about, and the last thing buyers actually care about. Nobody, outside the odd collector, places value on the piece of paper you’re (sometimes) given to gain entry to a show. The ticket is not the thing.Surely, you say, the thing is the show you’re buying:...

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Bright Ideas

Why The Death of an Arts Org Is Like a Plane Crash

Howard Sherman compares the death of an arts organization to an airplane crash, and I think it’s a very strong metaphor. Here’s the key tidbit:“…a crash doesn’t occur because of any single event. Typically, they emanate from some failure which then triggers others.”Likewise, he says that, “arts organizations crash because of event cascades as well. It is rarely a single unforeseen occurrence which brings down companies; it is a series of actions, or lack thereof, that result in closure.”Of...

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