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Look Out for “Government Shutdown: The Musical!”

Dirty Underwear, The Musical? Banksy Brings Broadway to Brooklyn.This is hysterical, and deserves to be a comment meme. Why not start right now in the comments right here? I'll go first: Government Shutdown: The Musical!

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Bright Ideas

Defining Originality: The How Rather Than the What

Half of Broadway's content is from other sources, according to this article. And you know what? I don't care! In fact, I think Jordan Roth of Jujamcyn Theaters nailed this topic forevermore in his TEDxBroadway 2012 talk, when he defined "originality" to mean more than just, "is there source material?" But on the invention inherent to the work. The "how" rather than just the "what," as he put it.Hey, Shakespeare cribbed Ovid, Plutarch and folk tales from all over Europe,...

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No One Knows and No One Cares

Here’s a joke for you: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?I don’t know, and I don’t care.No, really, that’s the answer. Seth Godin once said that booksellers shouldn’t be worried about piracy robbing them of riches, but instead wishing people cared enough about their products to try to pirate them.That reminded me of something I say to entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs all the time: If you work from the assumption that no one knows or cares about your product or...

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Money Now, But Long-Term Value Destruction

I wrote about this a couple years ago, and it's only gotten worse. Short-term dollars (maybe); long-term value destruction. As soon as there's a mild downturn in interest in college football, these bad bowls are going to be a financial albatross that could bankrupt smaller schools and conferences. By the way, most of these games are practically unsellable as tickets, however much the lesser bowl games' proprietors try to pretend the contrary. It's also a perfectly mockable emblem of...

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Consider Pricing Simplicity to Avoid Lost Sales

Live Nation wins a lawsuit that was, frankly, a little nutty to begin with. The plaintiff’s claim is that, as a monopolist, Live Nation charged service fees that caused him damages and, therefore, LN should be forced to have an ‘all-in’ pricing model. The judge said, rightly, that the claim of a monopoly was irrelevant, and that whether the fees are added or part of the ‘all-in’ price, the plaintiff would be paying the same and, therefore, there were...

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