Measure Success Using Revenue Per Seat

The name of this site is Selling Out, but the goal of Selling Out is achieving success with your marketing.So how do you measure success? You can sell out by having a great show; or you can sell out by putting a show in a house that’s way too small for the act; or you can sell out by dramatically underpricing the tickets.If there’s one thing I wish I could teach the world of live entertainment marketers about pricing,...

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Bright Ideas

10 Steps to Sell Out Your Show

Ari's Take: 10 Steps to Sell Out Your Show.I love this, and suggest you go read all 10 of Ari's steps.

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Orchestras Will Survive and Thrive By Putting Audiences First

Orchestras and classic rock have something in common: As we currently know them, their best days have passed. This just came up recently, but the topic has resurfaced in the form of the question, "Are there too many orchestras?"To which I once again say, wrong question. Here's a tidbit from the article that's worth noting:"Unlike Europe, where classical music is considered almost a ward of the state, North American musical life has always depended in large part on private...

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Three Ways Newer Artists Are Selling Lots of Tickets

As an antidote to my recent complaints about the ancient nature of the concert touring business, this story suggests an alternative.The article mentions several acts, including Ed Sheeran, who "is part of a breed of newer and lesser known acts who are able to sell out top venues, even if they aren't pushing millions and millions of albums and singles like Eminem and Justin Timberlake, or dominating with chart-topping tracks and radio airplay like Katy Perry or Rihanna."These acts...

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Young Comedians on 2013 Top-Earning List Shows Sign of Healthy Industry

The names of the top-earning comedians of 2013 makes an interesting contrast to the touring lists for musicians. With the exception of Jerry Seinfeld and George Lopez, almost none of you knew who any of these guys were 10 years ago.To prove that, here's a link to a performance we had for sale on Goldstar at a GREAT comedy club in San Francisco. For $7.50, you could have gone to see Louis C.K.Two people did (and on the plus...

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