The Big 3: Horse Racing, Boxing and Baseball

Sometimes it’s worth stepping back and realizing how much time changes things. That’s not true just because it’s interesting and enlightening to do so, but because it can also be inspiring. It’s a reminder that not only can things change, but that they certainly do. Big, immovable, permanent “truths” turn out not to be so permanent after all.I was reading about the Kentucky Derby recently and in the discussion of the current popularity of Horse Racing, I read something...

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Orchestra Iowa Gets Creative to Stay in Business

With the recession and floods that forced them out of their concert hall, Orchestra Iowa hasn't had an easy time the past few years. But instead of closing their doors or cutting back on performances, the company is thriving and managed to balance their $3.1 million budget. How did they do it? Diana Nolan of The Gazette spoke with Orchestra Iowa's CEO Robert Massey and Music Director Timothy Hankewich. You can read the full article here, and we gathered...

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Word Stock

Word Stock: Print at Home

Hard tickets are stupid. Imagine stacks of printed, unique tickets shipped to ticket sales outlets, each one completely untraceable and unreplaceable. If you don’t have to imagine it because you can remember it, you’re probably thinking “good riddance” right now, and if you are imagining it, you’re probably scowling in puzzlement and confusion. What the heck kind of system was that?Of course, it got better. First, the tickets were organized into a central data base and printed on-site via...

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Break Out the Tissues for This Orchestra Marriage Proposal

What happens when you mix a surprise orchestra performance with a marriage proposal? Something unique, memorable and completely romantic ...Read more about the couple on The New York Times website.

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Bright Ideas

Is Live Entertainment a Competitive Field?

There’s something sinister about the question “Who’s your competition?”On the one hand, it’s simple enough. If you’re the RED cola maker, then the BLUE cola maker is your enemy. Metaphorically, if the RED cola ship wandered into the same water as the BLUE cola ship, they’d go at each other with cannon and gun 'til somebody won.So who’s your competition? Who would you shake your fist at angrily and say “Bastards!”?And furthermore, given the Convenience Gap faced by all...

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