Ticketing System Implementation Leads to a Riot

I often say that one of the wonderful things about working in live entertainment is that it’s not a matter of life and death. And while people who work in making sure venues are safe have a reasonable beef with that statement, even they would probably get what I meant.Ticketing is typically an even safer occupation. Nobody expects danger from the roll-out of a new system. Annoyed season ticket holders having to adjust to a new website perhaps, but...

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In Case You Missed It …

A few stories from this week that we found interesting …Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy shared an important lesson about pricing. Make sure you're not making this mistake.Disney announced new policies for same-day tickets for Aladdin and Newsies. Michael Gioia at Playbill has the full story.Lyn Gardner at The Guardian asks if theater critics need to widen the shows they choose to critique beyond the "obvious."Alexandra Coghlan of New Statesman shares her experience at one of the most intimate opera...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Ginger White

The city of Denver is making a commitment to the arts with its IMAGINE 2020 campaign, which aims to improve access to the arts for all its citizens over the next few years. When we learned about the program through an article in the Denver Post, we reached out to Ginger White, Deputy Director of Denver Arts & Venues and Imagine 2020 Project Manager.One of the most surprising barriers for citizens when it came to the arts wasn't lack...

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Bright Ideas

Kids Shows That Get It

Earlier today Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy talked about creating children's entertainment that appeals to both kids and adults. Noted authors J.R.R. Tolkien, Maurice Sendak and Neil Gaiman are all on board with the idea and we found a few live entertainment shows that are as well.According to Goldstar reviewers, these shows are great examples of entertainment that's just fun -- plain and simple, no matter what your age:From Family Improv Comedy Show in Atlanta:"My family loved our night out...

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More about Making Great Work for Children

A couple weeks ago, I talked about how children are a great audience for live entertainment that isn’t being served well, and a lot of people responded supportively to this idea.Thinking more about that, one of the reasons that not enough of this content is being produced is that there’s a false assumption that if it’s “for” children, it isn’t “for” non-children. Being almost entirely non-children themselves, the people who produce this kind of content want to program for...

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