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Who’s That “Song-A-Day” Guy Jonathan Mann at TEDxBroadway 2014?

Recently, Jim announced another batch of speakers at TEDxBroadway 2014.One of the special singing guests is the “song-a-day” guy, Jonathan Mann, who’ll be providing preview and recap entertainment for the event. If you haven’t seen any of Mann’s videos yet, here’s one you might like:"We've Got To Break Up" (Song A Day #1435)In 2009, Mann started his Song a Day project, and as of 20 hours ago, he’d posted a new song on YouTube every day for 1,786 days....

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Word Stock

Word Stock Market: Experience Design

The Word Stock Market is an occasional feature on, where I will tell you whether to buy, sell or hold a certain word based on whether that word has a strong future or has seen better days. For example, if you’d bought the word “hybrid” 10 years ago (when it meant a cross between a horse and a donkey, not an eco-friendly car), you’d be rich today. On the other hand, if you’d bought “digital camera,” you’d be...

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Being Curious About Your Audience is a Good Marketing Tool

This is an outstanding, detailed report on Houston's Astrodome, which was the first domed stadium and was at one time called the "eighth wonder of the world."It's been unused for the last several years, and it appears that it will continue to sit empty with the cost to rehabilitate it too high to justify, given that nobody has a concept for putting it to use that would justify the expense.It sits next to the modern Reliant Stadium, which hosts...

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Coming Soon: Paying For Space, Not Seats

I've noticed people (including a couple of celebrities) doing something that caught my eye in the last year or so: flying coach.To be more accurate, they were flying coach big-time, surrounded by one or more empty seats. One well-known rapper on my plane had two rows for himself and a couple of bodyguards.That's why I think that this concept could actually make sense if implemented well. You're buying space, not seats. And there's no reason, as we move into...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Russ Stanley

As the Managing Vice President of Ticket Sales and Services of the San Francisco Giants, Russ Stanley is responsible for selling a lot of baseball tickets each season. And he’s doing remarkably well. The team has sold out 246 games in a row -- that’s 81 games a year and 42,000 tickets per game! Stanley accomplished this thanks to factors like their loyal season-ticket base and a string of fun promotions, like “Elvis Night,” “Yoga Day” and the surprisingly...

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