Don’t Say “Guest” When You Don’t Mean Guest

For some reason, businesspeople tend to drift toward gibberish in their speech. (And you’re all businesspeople, by the way, even those of you who believe that “businesses” do something different from what nonprofits do.)In the search for something interesting, different and effective to say, people try a lot of things. Many of those things are nonsensical. Some of the nonsensical things sound good, and sometimes when they sound good people start copying that nice-sounding bit of nonsense. Eventually, people...

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In Case You Missed It

Each week we’ll share a collection of articles we think are well worth reading. And now, in case you missed them …• The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra successfully completed its $5 million emergency fundraising drive. Find out the breakdown of how they got it and their next steps for fiscal health.• The Canadian Museum of History, formerly the Museum of Civilization and Canada’s largest, most-visited museum, is launching a fundraising campaign, but it has set the bar very low for...

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Bright Ideas

Are Musicals a Gateway Drug for Opera?

David Belcher at The New York Times recently reported on the trend of opera houses performing American musicals in addition to traditional opera.Not only is it a way to add additional options to a company's repertoire, but it could be the "gateway drug" that brings in a new audience and gets them hooked on opera.It seems fair to say that an opera company will put a unique spin on Oklahoma! or The Sound of Music and that could be...

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March Madness Ticket Prices Going Through the Roof

Long wait for a regional final + hot local team = most expensive single-admission college basketball event MSG has ever hosted.Here's the news from SeatGeek:"It's been over 50 years since Madison Square Garden hosted NCAA Basketball Tournament games, and getting the local underdog in the bracket has only furthered the frenzy. Friday's doubleheader is the most expensive single-admission college basketball event MSG has ever hosted.Tickets for UVa-Michigan State and UConn-Iowa State are going for $355 each on average, coming...

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“Deliberate Change”

The other day, I mentioned my encounter with Bob Farrell and it prompted me to read up a little bit on the mostly tragic history of Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlours.Somebody, perhaps not a totally unbiased somebody, put a lot of effort to catalog the ups and downs of the organization, and it’s interesting reading, because it shows a fast rise, powered by a passionate concept, with adoring customers and a lot of unique qualities. But it also catalogs the...

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