“Frozen” Songwriter’s On Fire at TedxBroadway 2014

TEDxBroadway 2014 speaker Bobby Lopez is on fire right now! And, ironically, it’s all because of Frozen.Not only is his song “Let It Go” sweeping the nation, but the show is now destined to appear on Broadway. He must feel like Pacino in The Godfather, Part III, where as soon as his work leaves Broadway, “they keep pulling him back in!” In this case, though, it’s a very good thing!I’ve been privy to his thoughts about his TEDxBroadway talk,...

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Think Twice Before You Complain About Sales

This infographic about music sales in 2013 is designed to entertain you, but I think it needs a headline. I'll give it one now:Recorded Music Sales Shrink Again.Let's give it a subhed or two:Even Most Popular Albums Sell Relatively Few Copies. Digital Formats No Longer Growing in Sales.Remember this whenever you start feeling a little whine coming on because you're in the live entertainment business.

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The Real Battle is Getting People Out More

Stephen Wood is the executive director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the UK and though he likes the National Theatre’s NT Live broadcasts of some of its theater productions, he wants to make sure they're not a "substitute" for actually going to the theater.We cover this topic a lot. As a rule, increasing the ability for people to get access to something makes them "consume" more of it and think about it more. The bigger worry by far, as...

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No Breakthroughs Without Risks and Failures

London seems to be leading the way in shows that very actively engage all five senses. First, there was the fireworks show, and now there are the BitterSuite symphonies.It's a classical concert that makes you smell, touch and taste things as part of the program. Lindsey Winship of The Guardian (UK) describes it like this: "The audience were blindfolded and fed different sensory experiences in parallel with the music: fizzy pop and cola bottles for the effervescent second movement...

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Bright Ideas

“Nonprofit” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be a Financial Wreck

I would simply like to call your attention to this very strong piece, titled "Is Your Nonprofit Theater Headed for its Final Curtain Call?" by Allan Vella of Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, that, despite the dire title, is not so much about an organization facing its “final curtain” as it is about some very practical, sound and concrete tips for running a nonprofit arts organization.But before I give way, I’d like to say, Allan, that I’m going to flatter myself...

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