Breaking Non-News: Amy Winehouse Not Touring as a Hologram

When technologies are new, people naturally make small-minded, limited assumptions about them. It’s human nature.Apparently, some fans of Amy Winehouse have heard (and probably started) the rumors that she would be touring soon, despite having died a few years ago, in hologram form.I predict there will never be a successful tour of a major star in hologram form. The reason I say this is that as soon as the technology is good enough to deliver a high-quality “performance” by...

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Don’t Play That Funky Muzak

You hear it everywhere -- the grocery store, subway stations, the doctor's office -- smooth jazz or classical music, derisively referred to as "muzak." You probably just tune it out most of the time, but apparently there's a very real reason it's playing, at least in certain places.Some experts believe playing classical music not only creates a soothing ambiance, but also drives away vagrants and vandals. A recent story on WQXR shed some light on the practice, and writes...

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Selling Out With

Selling Out With Jack Reuler

Is "free cheaper than cheap"? For Mixed Blood Theatre in the Twin Cities, it seems to be. Its admission initiative called "Radical Hospitality" allows anyone to attend a show for free. Three seasons of the campaign is paying off with increased popularity and donations.After hearing about the program on, we spoke with Mixed Blood Theatre artistic director Jack Reuler. He shared further insights into what aspects of the program are working, what they're continuing to tweak and what...

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How to Avoid Big Mistakes With Ticket Sales Marketing

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about ticket sales marketing and the importance of knowing when to kill a program that's just not working. To help you evaluate whether a marketing program is successful -- or if it needs cancelling -- we've put together four posts that'll walk you through the process. Take a look:• First, a reality check: If a marketing campaign is working, then you should be able to see the results pretty clearly.• But, how do...

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Saying Sooth

Saying Sooth: College Athletics

This is an installment in a very occasional series called Saying Sooth, wherein we make a prediction about future events based on something that is happening, probably happening or appears to be happening. Please bear in mind that predicting the future is extremely easy, as long as you don’t care whether you turn out to be right or not.In 10 years, college athletics will be very different and mostly much better. It will certainly be more honest. Here’s what...

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