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Each week we gather up stories that are worth a read. And now, in case you missed them ...Is your marketing sharing your story? The experts over at KISSmetrics explain why it's a must for brands, even (or especially) live entertainment brands. Sure, it's the name of this blog but is "selling out" what you should really be striving for? Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy explains why that's not necessarily how you should measure your success.Can the "little guys" learn anything...

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Promo of the Week

Promo of the Week: Monty Python’s Mick Jagger Ad (Video)

In the ultimate instance of the pot calling the kettle black, Mick Jagger wonders why anyone would want to see those "old, wrinkly" Monty Python members perform. Take a look:

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20 Years Ago, 20 Years From Now

"Soccer will never be popular in America. Sure, people got a little excited about this, but that’s only natural. It will go away as soon as the event is over and everyone will focus on baseball, football and basketball again."I first remember hearing people say those things in 1994, when the U.S. hosted the 1994 World Cup. In those days, we were lucky just to be in the event and had missed it from 1950 until 1990. When we...

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Why Do You Care If You Sell Out or Not?

For this series, we’ve reached into the vault to share a few pieces that are still relevant today.There’s a phenomenon in live entertainment marketing that’s fundamentally childish, and yet on some level, just about everyone who markets our products falls victim to it.It’s the desire to “sell out.”I put “sell out” in quotes because everyone who markets live entertainment professionally understands that this term can be defined in all kinds of ways and manipulated in even more ways.There was...

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Is “Free” a Dirty Word in Theater?

There's a saying that "you get what you pay for," meaning more money equals a better product. But of course, that isn't always the case. For example, you can get Moby Dick delivered to your Kindle for free via Amazon, but a copy of Dollhouse: A Novel by Kim Kardashian will set you back $9.78.Does the adage hold up for live entertainment? Lyn Gardner at The Guardian contends that it doesn't. She's concerned that people are foregoing free theater...

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