This Week’s Top 10 Broadway Shows, as Sorted by Revenue Per Seat

Here are the top 10 Broadway shows last week, ranked by Revenue Per Seat, and with grosses to the right:Revenue Per Seat reflects the efficiency of a show’s marketing and the strength of its appeal, where Gross Sales reflects the effectiveness of the show as a money-making entity. Both are important to understand.

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Bright Ideas

How One Theater Is Doing More With Less

How do you increase the quality of your shows, improve community outreach and (hopefully) improve revenue while also cutting costs? If you're Lorne Campbell, Artistic Director for Northern Stage, you get very strategic. The Guardian recently ran a column from Lorne where he described their efforts and whether or not they're paying off. A bit of his strategy:"I became artistic director of Northern Stage in May 2013," Cambell said. "In this first year, the company and I have been...

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Customer Service

The Ticket Business Baffles Customers

I have talked about the Convenience Gap faced by our industry before, and how important it is to combat it by avoiding increased friction in getting people to shows and events.But when I see stories like this one, I’m reminded that it’s not just the logistics of going to an event that stump people. It’s the buying process too.The gist of the story is that people don’t know how to buy tickets to “concerts.” (You know it’s local media...

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In Case You Missed It

Each week we gather up stories we think are worth a read. And now, in case you missed them ...Is your venue sending the right message? Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy explains how important it is for theaters and other live entertainment venues to be clear on what they're presenting.James Cameron + Avatar + Cirque du Soleil = A live show everyone will be talking about. Variety has the full story.Disney made the news with their ticket price increases and...

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Quote of the Week

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