Our Story, and We’re Sticking To It

For this series, we’ve reached into the vault to share a few pieces that are still relevant today.

Here are the things that are at the core of what we do at Goldstar. They’re things we believe, and we try to make everything we do support these beliefs:

We believe that live entertainment is meaningful and special to people. It’s not just a couple hours of fun. Watching TV is fun. Playing Angry Birds is fun. But we believe live entertainment — actually getting out into the world and being part of something that’s really and truly happening — is more than just fun. It’s important and rewarding and rich. It’s also more fun.

We believe that if you ask 100 people if they’d like to go to more live music, sports, comedy, theater, rodeo, sushi-making classes, wine tastings, street festivals, operas and French-Canadian circuses, 90 of them will say “yes.”

We believe that there are barriers preventing those people from doing what it is they’d like to be doing. And it’s our job, every day, to help them overcome those barriers.

We believe that price is just one of those barriers, and that the reason it’s a barrier is not because people can’t afford to buy tickets. In fact, we believe that if someone cares enough about something, they’ll pay just about any price to get it.

Instead, we believe that awareness of a show, excitement about a show, and the practical concerns about getting to and having a smooth experience at a show are equally powerful reasons people don’t go to shows as much as they would like to. Our job is to overcome those barriers for people.

But we also believe that price can have such a powerful impact on people that it leads to changes in behavior. This isn’t because people devalue the live experience or are unwilling to pay for it. It’s because they know that buying a ticket means taking a risk — a risk of time, money, reputation and energy. We want to help reduce that risk, and one way we do that is by offering a compelling price.

We also believe that a low price should be used to reach people who, in all likelihood, would not have gone to a given event. Getting those people out to an event is like trial marketing for the venue; the experience these newcomers have before, during and after the event will determine their future interest in going back in the future. It might even turn them into ongoing patrons.

We know from experience that using price as a strategic marketing tool creates short- and long-term value for ticket sellers, and it achieves the goal of attracting more of those people who would like to be there.

We believe that, in the long term, the health and success of the live entertainment business depends on delighting a bigger and bigger audience. To do that, we believe it takes a humble attitude and a desire to earn the interest and loyalty of ticket buyers, every day. And it means taking nothing for granted. We believe in working hard to be of value to our venue partners and to our members, today and for a long time to come.

Finally, we believe in ourselves. We’re not afraid of anybody, nor are we arrogant toward anybody. We’re confident in the value of what we’re doing. We’re confident in the impact of our hard work, and in our commitment to our members and venue partners. And we’re confident in each other.

We may not be the biggest company in the world or even in the ticket industry, but we’ve come a lot further than most ever will, and we’re growing faster than ever. We respect competition and we respect the marketplace, but this is our story. It’s a story about the need people have to get together in real life and experience something great in the presence of others. And it’s the story of our long-standing commitment to making this possible, more and more often. It’s an important story — one that millions of people are interested in.

It’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.


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