Opera a la Cart Shows Another Way the Arts Can Go Mobile

First it was food carts, which allowed chefs to start an eatery more easily and allowed diners to try a variety of dishes without going to upscale restaurants.

Portland's Opera a la Cart. Photo credit: Stephanie Yao Long, Oregon Live

Portland’s Opera a la Cart. Photo Credit: Stephanie Yao Long, Oregon Live

Now in Portland, a city filled with food trucks and food carts, comes “Opera a la Cart.” As OregonLive.com reports, it’s just what it sounds like: A mobile cart with a stage, a handful of props and a cast of opera singers ready to perform songs to order. The songs are mostly well-known selections that even opera newbies would recognize.

“That’s part of the effort – to remind everyone that they may not think they know opera, but it’s so much a part of our pop culture that people know a lot more than they think they do,” Clare Burovac, Portland Opera’s director of artistic operations said to reporter Amy Wang.

The other goal, of course, is to get people excited about opera and encourage them to head downtown for a show. “Many people either are stymied by the barriers of actually going downtown,” where the opera performs, “or they think that opera maybe is elitist or it’s not for them,” Burovac said. To counter those notions, “we thought we’d model an outreach project after the food cart culture.”

You can watch video of the opera cart here.

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