Onstage Technology Can Do More Than Just Raise the Dead

I love the fact that the technology being used to put realistic animations of deceased stars like Tupac and Sinatra onstage is based on an invention from the 19th century!

This isn’t exactly new news. The Tupac thing first happened a couple years ago now, and it has not really progressed a lot since then. The market for bringing back the dead is bigger today than the technology can handle, but that won’t always be the case. We’ll be able to project Elvis or Bob Hope or Marilyn Monroe onto any space inexpensively in the not-too-distant future.

But then what? I don’t think this is a huge market. It’s more of a novelty.

The big market is different. It’s not just bringing back the dead but using this kind of technology to project anything and everything you can think of onto a stage to enhance a performance. Technology, in my view, is still dramatically underused when it comes to creating drama and engagement onstage. Someone like Natasha Tsakos does things with technology that should be easy for producers in theater, concerts or wherever to do, but we still aren’t seeing it.

But it will come.

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