One Sure Way to Make Customers Remember You

One way, according to Econsultancy, is to be funny. And reporter Jack Simpson highlights four brands with a funny tone of voice (ToV).

We focus on two below, and you can read more about all four here.

“Innocent Drinks

Innocent is arguably the global benchmark for consistent ToV.

Its strapline, ‘We make natural, delicious drinks that help people live well and die old’, pretty much sums things up.

Website: When you enter the homepage you’re immediately hit with Innocent’s informal, easy-going way of talking.

The navigation menu is a perfect example of this, using words and phrases such as ‘things we make’, ‘us’ and ‘bored?’.

Under the ‘things we make’ section of the site, not only is there some stunning product imagery, there are also further examples of playful language (‘no funny business’).

This is the Innocent Drinks timeline/history. As you can see it doesn’t take itself too seriously…


Finally, it’s worth mentioning the blog content. It’s ridiculous. In a good way.

Old Spice

Underpinned by the slogan ‘The man your man could smell like’, Old Spice’s mascots come in the form of ‘Old Spice guys’ Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa, the former being stereotypically masculine and the latter being comically charming.

The Old Spice Twitter feed is full of more satirical swipes at overt masculinity, again reflecting the general ToV across all of its marketing channels.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.05.38 AMSimpson goes into more detail about the funny tone of voice of Innocent Drinks and Old Spice, and two more, here.

The Selling Out Editors thought of a few other companies that use humor in their marketing campaigns:, Geico and Jack in the Box. Can you think of any others? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook.

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