One and Done … Not So Fast

In his post, Anybody Up for a New Golden Age? I’ve Got an Idea …, Jim asked why live entertainment doesn’t create a “series” or a “franchise” more often — unlike movies and books, which “have learned that if you create something that can live beyond a single production, you can do very well and build a very large fan base.” He continued:

So, why then is live entertainment basically one and done? If we love the premise, the setting, the characters and the world created in a piece of live entertainment, isn’t it reasonable to think it could be developed further and that fans would want more?

Well, here comes Team Sunshine Performance Corporation with The Sincerity Project, their new experimental theater piece. This article explains the spectacle appearing now at FringeArts: ” … if all goes as planned, it will return with the same cast every few years for the next 24 years. Like a live-theater version of the Up documentary films that have tracked a dozen British children since 1964 from age 7 to 56, it will, [director Alex] Torra hopes, capture the aging bodies, evolving relationships, and changing views of seven cast members whose ambitions, impulses, and fears provide content for the show.”

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