On the Street Where You Live

We were very sorry to read that Avenue Q will be closing in April 2019. Of course, we love the show outright, but it’s also extra meaningful to us because once a year we get to take up residence on the Avenue Q stage at New World Stages for the annual TEDxBroadway conference.

When we first moved into the space back in 2011, it wasn’t lost on us that the backdrop for the event was literally a neighborhood. After all, TEDxBroadway is a TED-like event designed to focus on a place — in this case, the Broadway neighborhood and its ecosystem.

Sure, theater is a huge part of our neighborhood, which is why you’ll see experts from our industry. But we also want to involve members of the service, hotel, retail and technology industries, as well as academics and government experts (and more), that have a stake in making Broadway the BEST it can be.

What we’ve realized over the past eight years is that when a neighborhood comes together to work toward this incredible common goal — a community develops. And what’s even more extraordinary is we’ve found this bond is so deep that even those that may have moved out of the neighborhood — they still work toward the goal.

So, to our friends at Avenue Q, we say thanks for letting us move in, and you’ll always have a place in our hearts and community.

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