On Pinterest? Here’s How to Connect With Fans in Your Town

Sure, it’s nice to have followers from all over the world, but realistically it’s the people that live near your venue that are going to become regular fans of your shows. The tricky part is, how do you find them on social media?

Alisa Meredith at Social Media Examiner has outlined some clever strategies to target locals on Pinterest. You can click here for the full article and see our favorite tips below:

“#1: Add Geographic Information to Your Profile

Along with your keyword-rich explanation of what your business does and what you pin, be sure to mention what areas you serve or where your business is located. This helps you show up in Pinterest search results for your area, and lets people know if you’re close enough for them to visit or engage your services.

#2: Optimize Your Boards and Pins for Local Searches

Adding your location to the descriptions of individual pins can help people find you when they do a search on Pinterest or Google. That’s right, pins (as well as boards and profiles) can be indexed by Google.

Include your town or state name in a board or two, as well as any applicable pins. If you serve several areas or your area is known by several names, have a board for any location that people might search for. It’s perfectly fine to have more than one board with similar pins.

#3: Repin and Engage With Fellow Local Businesses

Pinterest is more of a search and discovery platform than a true social network. However, there are social elements that allow you to stand out from the crowd of solitary shoppers and pin collectors.”

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