On-Demand Audience

Do you need to own everything you use?

These days, people, especially younger adults, say no to that question. Ownership, rather than being an advantage, feels like a burden.

Cars, for example, are something that many urban millennial adults would far rather rent (in the form of something like Zipcar), use (as with Lyft or Uber) or just avoid (as with mass transit).

Here’s a different example: Why aren’t you buying all the movies you want to watch on iTunes?

The answer is that you can watch them whenever you want on Netflix, Hulu or wherever. You have access at any time, and you don’t need ownership. It’s always there for you when you want it.

"Audience," © 2015 inUse Experience, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

“Audience,” © 2015 inUse Experience, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Collectively, this has been called the On-Demand Economy, and it’s huge and growing.

In live entertainment marketing, this exists, too. You can tap into audiences and the revenue that goes with them without  the massive time, expense and human resource commitment that you need in order to get and maintain them.

On-Demand Audience.

This is how smart live entertainment marketers think about channels like Goldstar (and others) that painstakingly develop large and valuable audiences for live entertainment and then make them available for partners with shows to sell. It’s there, it’s ready, and it produces for you when you want and need it. And whether your venue or show is using Goldstar (or other channels) or not, we’re still growing, cultivating, improving and serving the channel. We’re investing in technologies, services and features (not to mention marketing) that no single venue could conceivably do for itself.

It’s on-demand audience, available whenever, to generate high levels of consumer interest, revenue and new customers with no risk.

You don’t have to own the channels any more than you have to own a closet full of CDs to hear your favorite music. Strong channels like Goldstar have proven they have staying power, understand the live entertainment business and can deliver good results day, week, month and year in and year out.

On-Demand Audience. It may not be as quick and easy as pushing a button and having Michael come pick you up in his Honda Accord, but it’s much quicker and easier than most of what you have to do to grow your audiences. The smart, thoughtful live entertainment marketers of today get this intuitively.

The others, probably say they don’t need Spotify because they still own one of these.

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