Olympics Show Us the Value of Sharing Your “Heart” With Your Patrons

Will you be watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on Friday? They’ll be kicking off two weeks of skating, skiing, sledding and all other sorts of incredible athleticism.

And while the games might seem removed from live entertainment (since anyone outside of PyeongChang will be watching on TV or streaming), they still have quite a bit in common with what we do.

Convince and Convert recently shared their predictions for the 2018 games, including low TV viewership and unfortunate advertising (you can read the full list here). One prediction in particular though, struck a chord with us:

“Heart Will Be Ever-Appreciated

In my opinion, the most extraordinary outcome of athletes’ access to social media fame is the widespread sharing of gratitude, inspiration, and pride. Feel-good moments will be just a Tweet away. I personally can’t wait to see the outpouring of support and love the world will feel, and now voice, to athletes of all nations.”

Olympic athletes aren’t the only ones who can share those heartfelt moments. In live events, we also have ample opportunities to connect with our audience through gratitude, inspiration and pride. Have you shared the love with your fans recently?

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