Olympic Athletes Who Are Winning on Social

All eyes are on Rio these days and the incredible athletes from all over the world. While we watch in amazement as they run, jump, flip, swim and excel at their sports, we’re also moved by their personal stories.

And, as Andrew Caravella puts it in this Entrepreneur post, we feel even closer to the athletes because of social media, which “now affords us a more intimate view into the life and times of world-class athletes, dream makers and record breakers.”

Caravella has put together a list of Olympic athletes who “embody what social is about — interesting stories, authentic conversations and engaging personalities.” He also identifies some lessons we can all learn from these media stars. Read about all 12 athletes here, and check out two below:

“Nicola Adams MBE, Great Britain, Female Boxer

Twitter: @NicolaAdams2012

Twitter Followers: 78,000

Instagram: @nicolaadamsmbe

Snapchat: Tweet directing fans to her Snapchat

What makes them interesting: As the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title, Adams has a robust presence on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. On all three platforms, she provides fans with insight into her training routine and personality. She also has a branded hashtag and is vocal about her cause marketing efforts (Fight For Peace) on social.

Follow her if: You want a healthy dose of female empowerment and inspiration.

The lesson for brands: Don’t just talk about yourself of social, find a meaningful cause to both your brand and your community and support them in an authentic way.

Michael Phelps, USA, Male Swimmer

Twitter: @MichaelPhelps

Twitter Followers: 1.63 million

Instagram: @m_phelps00

Snapchat: Private

What makes them interesting: At 31 years old, Phelps is coming out of retirement to participate one last time. The swimmer recently shared an epic underwater Instagram photo of the USA Swimming Team and Tony Parker, Point Guard for the San Antonio Spurs. Based on his own notoriety, we doubt Parker will be the last celebrity to make an appearance on Phelps’s social feed.

Follow him if: You want to watch the most decorated Olympian of all time listen to Lil Wayne on his quest to collect more gold.

The lesson for brands: You might be the biggest brand in the world — but aligning yourself with other people and companies on social can increase your audience and global reach.”

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