Now Is the Time to Support Live Entertainment and Arts

Editor’s Note: Jim sent this message to Goldstar subscribers yesterday. Read on to see how Goldstar is working to help arts organizations during this difficult time. And if you’d like to set up a donation page for your organization here’s the link.

If you love live entertainment, arts, plays, concerts, musicals, comedy, and everything in between, now is the time to show it.

We’ve spent the last few days rapidly refocusing our efforts to make Goldstar a place where you can donate money to the venues and organizations you love dearly. They need you now. There are so many people who make the magic happen on and off the stage: the performers, the box office people, sound, lighting, makeup, concessions, ushers, marketers, designers — and so many more. They’re all hard working people who have brought us all so much.

Here’s an easy way to support them now: By donating to these organizations, especially the ones you already know and love. You can start here. Donate as often as you can. Like other fundraising platforms, we’ve added a processing fee to fund our work on this, but your entire intended donation goes to the organization directly.

I hope you’ll stand with us in our mission. And stay tuned for more ways we plan to help the community. 

Finally, last week, I said I couldn’t wait to see you “across the aisle, or in the lobby at a theater, or cheering our heads off at a baseball game, or rocking like crazy at a concert.” That’s true, and together, we’re going to make sure that when we can do these things again — they are still there to welcome us all.  

Support Live Entertainment and Arts


PS: Tell everybody you know who loves to go out. Forward this or post it wherever you can on social media. It makes a difference!

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