Not to Toot Our Own Horn, But …

At the Ticketing Business Awards, held April 9 in Manchester, England, Goldstar’s Matchmaker took top honors in the Insights and Analytics category. The Award recognizes the best integration or application of data analysis and insights to an entertainment ticketing challenge.

What’s Matchmaker? Matchmaker is a technology that powers the event recommendations that show up in emails to our members. Matchmaker prioritizes the events each member is most likely to be interested in (based on their personal activity), making it easier for them to discover new events and buy tickets. 

Our CEO, Jim McCarthy says, “We’ve seen impressive results with Matchmaker – including an increase of 10% rate conversion in the first few months of testing. Members see that we’re prioritizing events we know they’ll like – it makes it much easier for them to discover a great show. And our organizer partners appreciate the pinpoint accuracy of reaching a new audience.”

Before Matchmaker, we used a collaborative filter to make recommendations. This looked at clicks and purchases members made within a 30-day window. 

Now Matchmaker looks at event type, venue, event description, likes, views, purchases and more over a 3-year span. 

Along with more events being shown to more members, during our initial testing period we saw …

·        12% Click rate increase

·        10% Conversion rate increase

·        17% Revenue increase 

·        23% Increase in purchases

“We now see that Matchmaker gets the right events to the right people, instead of just popular events to all people,” adds Jim. “We’re incredibly proud to formally introduce Matchmaker and of such accolades.”

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