Not Into Tech? Here’s How You Can Still Use it in Your Marketing

With all the talk about digital marketing, mobile, SEO, it can feel like marketers also need a degree in computer science to keep up.

While knowing how to code can be helpful with many jobs, there’s still plenty non-techy marketers can do to learn more about their audience and effectively sell tickets. Kissmetrics recently rounded up 9 ways for marketers to do technical things without knowing a lot about tech. You can read the full list here and check out our top picks below:

“1. Do A/B Split Tests and Personalization

You’ve probably heard of all the merits of A/B split testing and of being data-driven, but how can you implement these different tests on each of your pages without consulting the tech team?

It’s easy enough with solutions like Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely that allow you to drag and drop your changes across the website by simply copy and pasting a snippet of code across your website (or getting somebody technical to help you do that). Both tools allow you to customize your website for different types of visitors, and they’ll allow you to run controlled experiments to see which variations of your web pages perform best.


2. Build Entire Websites

Don’t want to stop at just building a web page? Maybe you want to look to build an entire website for a new product. Thankfully, you don’t have to call a web agency to do everything for you at a high price! You can use solutions like Squarespace or Wix to build everything in your website without a line of code. And if you want to get even more customized, grab a theme from Themeforest and learn the basics of WordPress! You’ll soon be building beautiful websites with layers of personalized complexity–without a line of code.

3. Building Popups and Other Interactive Elements on a Website

Sometimes, you want to add an additional layer of interactivity to a website, whether it’s a popup to highlight a brand new feature, or a walkthrough that will help guide users. Thankfully, with tools like Engage and HelloBar you can add different modals or elements to your website that can help you collect emails, direct traffic elsewhere, or dictate what users should look at in a web page.”Got a comment or question? Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.


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