Nobody Buys a Ticket to an Event They’ve Never Heard of

I wanted to offer you two free tickets to see Dear Dolly Hamilton.

What, you’ve never heard of it? You haven’t already purchased your tickets for it? One simple reason might be because I just made it up.

Just to illustrate the point — nobody’s ever bought a ticket to an event they didn’t know existed. Nobody.

Sure, Goldstar sells tickets, but we also create awareness. More than 80% of Goldstar ticket buyers learned about the event they bought FROM Goldstar.That means many more people learned about the event and may have bought elsewhere. And, that’s great. So, to build even more awareness for events we’ve launched Boost.

Boost puts your event into additional email sends and bumps up your placement in emails. Plus, it lets you reach audiences outside of your venue’s city.

With Boost, events see a 37% daily jump in reach on average. We’ve also designed Boost to be flexible with your budget in mind. It’s just $5 for 1,000 email inclusions and $50 for 10,000, so even if you’re working with a tight budget you can still get a lot of value out of a campaign.

Recently, we did a live demo of Boost. Take a look here to see exactly how it works and hear questions from other Goldstar partners.

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