Next Stop for Cirque du Soleil: Broadway

Cirque du Soleil plans to open Paramour, the first Cirque creation for Broadway, in June 2016 at the Lyric Theater, reports Michael Paulson for The New York Times.

“What is different about ‘Paramour,’ when compared to other Cirque spectacles that might appear in a tent or in Vegas, is that this is being created for Broadway, so it will be story driven,” Scott Zeiger, who oversees Cirque du Soleil’s new New York-based theatrical division, told Paulson. “It won’t contain the same level of dialogue and lyrical content that a traditional Broadway musical might have, but it will absolutely have story at its core, and an emotional payoff that we hope will be equal to any Broadway musical.”

According to the article, Cirque has 18 shows running (nine of them touring) and has played to more than 150 million spectators over the last 31 years. With this new production, the company hopes to expand its presence in New York and in the world of theater.

Read more here about the details of the Broadway show, its creators and why they found the Lyric best suited for their production.

Congrats to our partners, Cirque!

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