News & Noteworthy (Week of June 7)

A lot goes on in our world each week — some news you may catch, and some may slip by your radar. Below are a few articles that caught our attention, and we didn’t want you to miss ’em!

The Ins and Outs of Elevator Music: This Atlas Obscura article discusses the origins of elevator music. One popular theory is “elevators were terrifying, and people needed the music to calm their frazzled nerves,” while another explains it “was there as a distraction to fend off boredom and keep people’s minds off the interminably long time it took to get from floor to floor.” And yet a third highlights that “elevator music had a certain cachet: It revealed that a building’s administrators had extra cash to spare entertaining people in the lift.”

Three Rivers Arts Festival Focuses on Diversity: Jane Vranish reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the current focus of the Three Rivers Arts Festival, which began June 1, is “all about education, community and sharing art that is a part of everyday lives.” Vranish writes: “Most artists focused on widening the arts audience base and demonstrating how they, too, can make art and performance a part of their lives. … Another goal is to promote racial diversity, and it seems to be working.”

Now You See Me … Live: Now You See Me is a film franchise, which is now expanding into a live touring show. Variety reports that Lionsgate announced the tour will feature “state-of-the-art magic with cutting-edge technology, surprise twists, and never-before-seen illusions from some of the greatest magicians in the world.” Lionsgate is partnering with Works Entertainment, the producers and creative team behind the magic show The Illusionists.

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