News & Noteworthy (Week of July 27)

A lot goes on in our world each week — some news you may catch, and some may slip by your radar. Below are a few articles that caught our attention, and we didn’t want you to miss ’em!

Facebook Loses 4 Twitters Worth of Value:
After reporting disappointing earnings, Facebook’s stock shares dropped 19.6 percent in a day. The numbers are pretty staggering, but Tech Crunch‘s Romain Dillet helps us visualize them: “$123,400,000,000 is a big number. It’s hard to grasp how much it represents given the scale of big tech companies. As TechCrunch’s Jon Russell pointed out, bitcoin’s entire market capitalization is currently $141 billion. So it’s like nearly all bitcoins disappeared overnight.”

Dancing on the Ceiling Roof:
This summer, the Disney Concert Hall’s rooftop garden is being taken over by dancers. These special performances take advantage of the unusual settings and get the audience moving too. But they can be a challenge, as the Los Angeles Times‘ Laura Bleiberg reports: “When [Janet] Roston made one of her first scouting trips to this lush landscape high above Hope Street, the stone walkways yielded an obstacle for dancers. ‘It was like the march of the snails,’ said Roston, who runs the multimedia dance company Mixed eMotion Theatrix. ‘We thought we could have Gatsby give everyone a gift of a snail because there were that many.’”

Science Takes Center Stage:
Theater + science is not an equation you see often, but Bangalore Little Theare’s new production is proving that it can be equal parts entertaining and educational. As Economic Times‘ Divya Shekhar reports: “According to [director Sridhar] Ramanathan, ‘One of the best scientific discoveries is a result of intuitive leaps of imagination. Theatre is also the same. Both help in the exploration of the unknown.’”

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