News & Noteworthy (Week of August 30)

A lot goes on in our world each week — some news you may catch, and some may slip by your radar. Below are a few articles that caught our attention, and we didn’t want you to miss ’em!

Even Bees Love NYC Hot Dogs: A hot dog stand at 43rd Street and Broadway was the unsuspecting hangout for 25,000 bees, reports Brett Molina for USA Today. You never know who you’ll spot in line for this local favorite.

Creepy Crawlies at the Movies: All of the action seems to be in Times Square this week. Jen Chung, of Gothamist, decided it was time to go back to the movies — to a site of many past bed bug infestations. And, was she ever in for a surprise. She spotted a rat at a Times Square movie theater. Yelp and Twitter had posted about such sightings before, so check social media before you go!

Those Pesky Candy Wrappers! Jon Dryden Taylor covers a panel discussion on The Stage about whether food and drink should be banned from theater auditoriums. Here are some of the thoughts from the panelists:

• “I suppose I would like food to be banned. There is still the ‘acceptable notion’ of bringing a big bag of sweets in. I’m not sure how that ever was okay.”

• “I bet Shakespeare didn’t ban food or chat – or copulation.”

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